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Revamping Your Wardrobe With Spring 2013 Trends

Revamping Your Wardrobe With Spring 2013 Trends

This spring is all about bold – from colors to accessories and prints. Models stomp down the runways in oversized statement sunglasses while fashionistas sit in Starbucks with their heads buried in the most recent issue of Glamour, with their neon bags and designer iPad cases in tote. Whether you’re a young working woman in the city or a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs, these spring 2013 trends boast something special for everyone – the key lies in coordinating your outfit and stepping a bit out of your comfort zone piece by piece.

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Creative Customs And Traditions...
Creative Customs And Traditions Of Jewish Weddings

There are several Jewish laws and traditions that should be captured on film. Jewish wedding ceremonies differ according to religious beliefs although all ceremonies feature the common ketubah, wedding canopy, the ring and breaking of glass.

Hire A Wedding Planner And Make...
Hire A Wedding Planner And Make Your Work Easier

Planning a wedding and making sure that all the arrangements have been done properly, is one of the most challenging and difficult jobs to do. When I say this is difficult, trust me it really is. So to take off all that extra pressure from your...

5 Imaginative Budget Gift Ideas
5 Imaginative Budget Gift Ideas

So your best friend’s/mother’s/girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you find yourself left with the difficult task of choosing a gift that is both thoughtful and suitable for your tight budget. This can be a difficult challenge, particularly...

How To Have An Eco-friendly...
How To Have An Eco-friendly Wedding Dress On A Budget

Some brides may be under the impression that new eco-friendly weddings gowns are less expensive than regular dresses. This could not be farther from the truth. The eco-friendly wedding gowns that are custom ordered...

Nail Art - A Craze
Nail Art - A Craze

From ramp to the salons, innovative nail arts are making a huge splash. The innovativeness is not just in the length or the shape of the nails, but also in the patterns and colors that are being used.

My Wife's Semi-Precious...
My Wife's Semi-Precious Bracelets - The Best

My wife has a whole assortment of different jewelry in her jewelry closet. I call it a closet because half of our closet is covered in different assortment of jewelry and accessories for them.

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