5 Imaginative Budget Gift Ideas

So your best friend’s/mother’s/girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you find yourself left with the difficult task of choosing a gift that is both thoughtful and suitable for your tight budget. This can be a difficult challenge, particularly if you’re hoping to avoid handing over the dreaded envelope of cash or vouchers which can seem impersonal. Instead, take a look at these simple gift ideas to show that you’ve put thought and effort into your gift, without breaking the bank.

Reading glasses

Reading glasses may be an unusual gift but can be one of the most thoughtful. If you can get your hands on the recipient’s prescription, you can hand the details over to an optician or online optician and choose the perfect pair of reading glasses to suit their style. Take a look at the kind of clothes they normally wear; are they particularly feminine? Floral? Sporty? Using this information, you can easily choose a pair of glasses to suit their style. For a budget version, choose cheaper designer brands such as Lipsy and Kangol which are stylish yet offer a cheaper alternative to more expensive brands such as Gucci and Prada.

5 Imaginative Budget Gift Ideas

Embroidered clothing or accessories

Embroidery is a cheap yet thoughtful way to customise any gift. Whether it be towels, socks or even work ties, getting the recipient’s name or initials embroidered on a gift shows that you have put consideration into the present. For a new home-owner in particular, personalised gifts for the home can become a treasured possession to mark the celebration.

Homemade JewelleryHomemade jewellery

Homemade jewellery offers a great personal touch and can be easily customised to suit the recipient’s style. Head to your local haberdashers for some wire and choose a selection of beads in a variety of shapes and sizes and generously thread onto the wire for a pretty bracelet or necklace. Again, remember to choose according to your friend’s style. Are they feminine? Natural and eco-friendly? In this case, why not choose a selection of eco-friendly wooden beads or select from fair-trade brands for a unique tribal-style piece of personal jewellery.

Candy jar

5 Imaginative Budget Gift Ideas Candy JarA great, inexpensive gift idea is to purchase a large glass jar with lid and fill with a selection of retro candies such as candy necklaces, Dip Dabs, gummy bears and more. Keep it colourful and exciting for a great vintage treat. If you don’t fancy spending lots of money on the sweets, choose a smaller jar and fill to the top. Finish by making a pretty label with their name on and you have the perfect sweet gift for a friend or family member.

Stationary set

Stationary sets are often overlooked as gifts but can make personal, useful gifts for a friend or family member. If the recipient has recently moved into a new home, why not print some notecards or headed paper with their names and address on. Come Christmas time when it’s time to thank senders of gifts, your friend will love getting the chance to send their own personalised notes and letters.

Use this simple gift guide to help when shopping for gifts on a budget.

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