Birthstone Jewellery Keepsakes to Be Treasured

In modern times, the twelve Birthstones that symbolise each month of the year are becoming increasingly popular. Each stone represents an aspect of your personality and provides you with certain traits, depending on which month your date of birth falls. The history of Birthstones arises from Josephus, a first century Jewish historian, who claimed to have discovered a link between the twelve stones in Aaron's breastplate, the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Birthstone Jewellery Keepsakes to Be Treasured

Nowadays, it is possible for these stones to be formed into a piece of jewellery which can be worn by the owner at all times and consequently allow them to attain the legendary powers that the stones promise to bestow. Each Birthstone provides a different, unique colour and, once turned into the centre piece of a necklace or a gem on a bracelet, it can provide the owner with a beautiful keepsake.

These trinkets can be crafted and handmade in the UK resulting in a quick and easy process for anyone wishing to acquire one of these, either for themselves or for a loved one. It first became popular to actually wear these Birthstones in Poland during the fifteenth century. With the month of February creeping up to us slowly, you may be interested to know that the relevant Birthstone is an Amethyst.

In history, the February Birthstone was, on occasion, fashioned into a drinking vessel as it was believed that the owner would be prevented from intoxication if they drank from the same; indeed, the Greek word "amethystos" can be translated into meaning "not drunken". Another use for Amethyst is that medieval European soldiers wore the stone during battle as a form of protection, believing it to have healing powers and keep one cool-headed during combat.

The colour of Amethyst is better-known for varying from a stunning pinkish violet to a deep purple. However on occasion, when Amethyst is heated, it may turn into a yellow-orange, a yellow-brown, or even a dark brownish, almost resembling Citrine (the stone which represents the month of November). The stone can be located in several places, including Mexico, Brazil and Africa and its location can often be a contributing factor to the stone's specific character.

In Mexico, for example, the Amethyst can have prismatic crystals and its colour can appear extremely pale, yet still clear. Whereas, in Brazil, the colour varies from a pale to medium shade and the crystals are larger with unattractive surfaces. Alternatively, if this applies to you, go ahead and treat yourself - after all, we are told that the February-born who wears Amethyst as their chosen piece of jewellery will find peace of mind, sincerity and freedom from passion and care.

Birthstone Gifts hand make jewellery in the UK, incorporating the Birthstones into beautiful items such as bracelets and necklaces. Their standard jewellery is made from solid Sterling silver or 9 karat Gold.

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