Black Leather Wallet - A Quick Buying Guide to Save You Time and Effort

Shopping for accessories can be quite daunting at times. That is why you have decided to get a black leather wallet. Indeed, it is a classic and stylish accessory especially for men. However, you should not fool yourself that choosing the right item will be easy.

There are plenty of models on the market and you have to ensure that you will pick the best one. Here are some practical tips to help you with shopping and with making the right choice.

Genuine or faux black leather wallet - this is the first choice you have to make. Needless to say, the items made from genuine leather are better looking and more durable, which is actually their main advantage. If you want to use your wallet for years, then going for a genuine leather model is highly recommended. If you want to save, however, you can readily opt for the cheaper models made from faux leather.

How about size? A standard black leather wallet has width and height slightly greater than those of a currency bill when placed horizontally. It folds in two, so that it is more compact for staying in your pocket. You can readily go for a model that is designed to have height and width to math a bill when it is placed vertically. Such models are also foldable for convenience. In general, they are considered more formal, elegant and stylish. However, they are east to fit into the inner pocket of a blazer, jacket or coat, but not into a pants' pocket. Hence, they are somewhat less versatile.

How do you pick a black leather wallet that is functional? The banknote compartment should be extendable so that it can accommodate more bills if the need arises. There should be at least three slots for an ID card, a driver's license and a credit card. In general, it is essential for you to choose a model that can accommodate all of the credit cards you are using. Otherwise, the wallet will be virtually useless. A clear plastic slot can be used for putting a family picture or a card with your name and address, but it is generally neither very practical nor durable.

How about style and decorations? A black leather wallet without any adornments is elegant and can be matched with virtually any outfit. It is fine for the item to bear the logo of the brand, if the brand is a famous one. If you want a super stylish model, you can get one made from ostrich leather which has beautiful naturally occurring patterns.

If you'd like to learn more visit this page on black leather wallets or this page on bifold leather wallets. I hope you've found this article informative and enjoyable to read. Good luck.

by Michael L Leigh; Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 06:40 AM [1336]

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