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A gorgeous designer dress that fits you perfectly can be complemented with accessories that will accentuate not only the beauty of the dress but your features, skin color and body shape. Knowing yourself and the basics, knowing when to accessorize and what to use, will allow you to assemble a wardrobe that is fabulous and functional.

The right accessories and jewellery can embellish any outfit. From hats to hoses, scarves to shawls, shoes to slip-ons, one has to consider the current fashion trends, the season and the occasion you are going to attend.

Depending on the dress you are wearing, you could accessorize almost all of your visible areas like the neck, ears, wrist and shoulders. Choose a matching bracelet and necklace. A line of real or cultured pearls around the neck is classical, elegant and never fails. A tennis bracelet such as a single line of diamonds makes a bold and sexy statement. Or consider a nice designer watch instead of the bracelet. Pearl or diamond studs in the ears, vintage clip-ons, dangling or hoop earrings also work marvellously. Of course, depending on your neckline, you could choose to vary your accessories as well. For a V neck wear a necklace and stud earrings, for a closed neckline wear only striking earrings, for a halter wear long earrings.

Your jewellery can be real or costume jewellery. The latter is relatively inexpensive, but still look good and is available at all department stores and boutiques. While an ankle bracelet will highlight your legs, sparkling clips, tortoise shell barrettes, or fresh flowers adorned in your hair will enhance your looks.

Put on your fancy shoes no matter how elegant or expensive they may be. Choose stockings in a neutral color and if you want one with a design, choose a subtle one. If you are going to a ball or the races, wear gloves. A shawl or a scarf can lend glamorous style to the outfit; ensure that it matches in texture and color with the rest of the attire. Carry an evening purse or a beaded bag large enough to hold business cards, keys, cash and lipstick. Do not take anything bulky and inelegant.

Evaluate your formal outfit carefully. Is it simple and elegant? Does all the jewellery, scarf, shoes and stockings work together to give you a stunning ensemble? Accessories offer your outfit with style and dimension. Incredible fabrics and textures accent your wardrobe well with supple belts, woven scarves, impressive gloves and tantalizing hats.

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