Handbag Selection Principles - Where Does the Coach Clutch Fit In?

The Coach has been producing premium quality leather goods and accessories since 1941. They've been cornering the market on high-end handbags, and their Clutch is no exception. Available in all shapes and sizes, color and textures, and even price range. You would think that there would be a Coach Clutch for everybody. But, sadly this is not true. The clutch just doesn't make the cut for all women, and while some women might look good holding a Coach Clutch, others might want to stay away.

Handbag Selection Principles Where Does the Coach Clutch Fit InThe Clutch is one of Coach's smaller bags, perfect for the woman on the go, and those who like to travel light. Despite its smaller size, it's still well suited for carrying the essentials. Things like your keys, driver's license, lipstick, credit cards, and your cell phone, all fit nicely into one little package. This is the perfect choice for a night on the town, or quick trip to the supermarket. On the other hand, if you're a college girl with books to carry, or a mother with a list of essentials a little longer than most, then the Clutch might not be the right choice for you. I frequently carry my clutch inside of my Tote. This way when it's just me, I can grab and go, and when I've got the kids it fits nicely inside the Tote and helps keep things organized.

When shopping for a new bag, you should always consider the effects the bag will have on your appearance. The clutch is perfect for petite women, and smaller women with curves. Larger bags always seem to have a shrinking effect when placed next to the vertically challenged. The clutches smaller size keeps things to scale. Of course, the opposite is true as well, larger woman always seem to grow larger when they're holding a smaller bag like the clutch. As a larger woman a larger bag will have a more flattering effect. By grabbing a lager bag like a Tote or Hobo, you will keep everything in proportion.

To recap, smaller women on the go, and women who like to travel light, are best suited for the Coach Clutch as a daily carry. Larger women, mothers, and the college students may be better served by a larger bag like a Tote, or Hobo. But remember that the Clutch will fit nicely in a larger bag, and give you options, as well as help to maintain order.

Jaszmien Pendry is a writer who specializes in Coach Handbags and other accessories. You can check out her latest website at Coach Totes, where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of handbags, including the Coach Clutch and other Coach Accessories.

by Jaszmien Pendry; Friday, December 9, 2011 @ 03:51 PM [1470]

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