History of Shorts

Shorts are shortened versions of trousers that were made to be worn during the warmer weather in the summer. This style of clothing was popular among young boys from the 1920's as part of their school uniform. Now shorts are uni-sex, men and women are able to wear them with comfort and style for a range of practical purposes. We can see how this piece of clothing has digressed over the years.

History of Shorts

Boxers were the next creation several years after the original design of the cut off trousers and were named after the shorts that boxers wear during fights. This design featured an expandable waistband and sat a few inches above the knee. Boxers are thought to be comfortable for a male when worn as an undergarment. They are also available in a great range of designs and fabric types in comparison to briefs.

Shorts developed and became extremely popular within the sporting industry due to their cool and flexible properties. Sports such as football, basketball and athletics incorporated these cut off trousers into their uniforms which all obtained different lengths to suit the activity. For example, athletic styles are often really short in order to make movement for activities easier.

Although shorts were thought to be for boys, and skirts were for girls, they are growing to be more popular among women as well as men. With varied styles high-waists and hot pants, women have their own designs to choose from which can be worn for both formal and casual wear. Fashion designers have also produced top quality shorts for women which gives greater encouragement for wearers who think they are a men's fashion trend.

Denim is a popular material for shorts as it is durable and stylish. Though men tend to wear a longer length that sits below the knee, women choose the shorter length in order to accentuate the length of their legs. Denim is an easy to wear fabric that does not date and can coordinate with just about everything in your wardrobe. Available in a variety of washes and colours, denim will always be a popular choice among short styles.

Shorts have developed and become a prominent item of clothing within both men and women's wardrobes. They are often considered to be more of a casual garment as the majority are loose fitted in order to be more comfortable for the wearer during the summer and sporting activities.

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