Leather Satchels - The Must Have Fashion Accessory

No matter where you look, whether it's in the catwalks or the streets of the worlds fashion capitals such as Milan, New York, Paris or London or fashion magazines, there is one thing you will notice, the presence of the Leather Satchel. These simple leather bags that were once confined to the school kids has taken the fashion world by storm.

There are not a massive number of different Leather satchels styles around but this is more than made up with huge number of colours and sizes that are available. The most common style is the two buckle flap over satchel which is carried over the shoulder. It has a little card pocket at the front of the bag reminding us of the origin of the satchel which was once carried by almost all school children. These bags are usually unlined so the inside of the bag is the suede backside of the leather. Being essentially designed for school children, they are very durable and are usually stitched using reinforced industrial thread, so they should stand the test of time.

The most common sizes are 16 inches (40cm) wide by 11 inches (27.5cm) height and the shoulder strap is 150 cm and is extendable. This is large enough to be comfortably used as a work bag and should be able to accommodate a laptop. The smaller satchels can go down to 11 inches (27.5cm) wide by 8 inches (20cm) high.

There are numerous colours available, from traditional colours such as black, tan, brown, cream to vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, green. For those wanting that something different, there are glittery silver or gold finishes, polka dots or even bags which have flags on them such as the Union Jack.

There are some other styles of leather satchels around. Some styles have top handles allowing them to be carried by hand as well as over the shoulder. Some have rear straps to allow the bags to be carried like a back pack, very useful if you are cycling. Most satchels have a pocket at the front of the bag with different styles have variations of the pocket both from a size and placement perspective.

The leather satchel is without doubt one of the fashion must-haves of 2011 and will most likely be the same for 2012 and for the coming few years. If you are looking for a leather bag that will be both practical, long lasting and send all the right messages from a fashion sense, then you can't go wrong with a leather satchel.


Sam Sands - Fashion Writer

by Sam Sands; Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 02:16 AM [2354]

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