My Wife's Semi-Precious Bracelets - The Best

My wife has a whole assortment of different jewelry in her jewelry closet. I call it a closet because half of our closet is covered in different assortment of jewelry and accessories for them. She has about six different pair of everything from necklaces, pearls, diamond rings, ruby rings, and earrings. Her prize possession is her semi-precious stone bracelet that I bought her for Christmas. Her eyes glowed with anticipation as I handed it over to her. She went to work the next day bragging to all of her friends about her brand new bracelets. She bragged so much she was almost fired.

My Wifes Semi Precious Bracelets the BestHow I lost it - Just a few weeks ago she accidentally lost them and was devastated. She spent an entire day searching through furniture, cabinets, night stands, underneath beds, and everywhere else she could think of to find the missing bracelets. Eventually after a few days of searching the house for her bracelets she eventually was left clueless as to where it could be. I even did a little searching here and there around my office as well as my car just in case. I could see that the loss was tearing her up. She would cry here and there, only to stop when I came in the room.

Where to buy : I had to do something to comfort my wife’s pain, so I log onto to the internet and began researching new bracelets. I found many websites that claimed they had the best bracelets for the best prices, but I knew I could find something even better. Thanks to I was able to find a wide assortment of great looking semi-precious bracelets to replace the one my wife lost. They have gold, pearls, silk and even wooden bead bracelets that were at unbelievable prices. I was able to find a bracelet that was similar to the first one and quickly order it.

Upon its arrival I waited a few more days to surprise my wife with her brand new gift. She was in a chipper mood one day when I asked her if she had found her bracelet. She whispered that she had not. Then with a devilish smile on my face presented her with a brand new bracelet that was just a beautiful as the one before it, she blushed and then wrapped her arms around me tight. I was very pleased with the new bracelet and I could tell that she was as well.

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My Wifes Semi Precious Bracelets the Best
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by James; Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 05:11 PM [4510]

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