What Does Your Animal Hat Say About You?

Hats have not only been worn for centuries, but they are also worn for several reasons, from protecting the head from the elements to donating rank and nationality in the case of the military, and of course, most importantly, they have been worn as a fashion accessory.

what does your animal hat say about youOver the centuries hats have gone through numerous changes in style and design, and there have been many made from animals, including the big fur hats we most commonly associate with Russia. There are also beaver hats, that look much like the 19th century top hats, the bearskin hats, which members of the Royal Guard in England traditionally wear, and Davey Crockett's favourite hat, the coonskin cap.

Although hats made from animals have, for the most part, gone out of mainstream fashion, Animal Hats are a big item this year. This generation's predisposition to wearing animal hats is more on the cute and cuddly stuffed animal side of things, as opposed to older generations desire to own hats made from animal fur.

So what does you choice in Animal Hat say about your personality? Thankfully for you, we have put together this handy list:

The Monkey

Your choice in animal hat can represent such personality traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Forever playful, your monkey animal hat tells people that you are the master of practical jokes.

The Tiger

Your tiger hat lets people know that you are brave, competitive and maybe a bit unpredictable. You probably will accept any challenge that comes your way because you know whatever happens you will always land on your feet.

The Bunny

Your bunny hat lets people know that you are creative, compassionate and sensitive. You are most likely outgoing and friendly and always have a few friends around.

The Wolf

If you picked the wolf hat you are probably a very loyal person who is always there to offer kind words and useful advice to loved ones.

The Zebra

The zebra hat symbolizes such traits as strength, energy, and an outgoing nature. You are probably the type of person that thrives on being the center of attention, usually entertaining others through your use of humour.

The Penguin

As the wearer of a penguin hat, you are most likely a very confident and motivated person. Among friends you are considered to be very loyal and trustworthy, and they appreciate your bluntness, which stems from your inherent desire to always be honest, when it comes to offering your opinions.

The Panda Bear

Your panda bear hat lets people know that you are a dependable and strong willed person that is full of determination. You probably consider that the road to success involves hard work and there is no such thing as taking a shortcut.

The Pig

The pig animal hat represents your compassion and generosity. You probably always have a smile on your face and generally enjoy life because you are always having so much fun.

Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada. This article about wholesale animal hats was written for WholesaleSunglassUSA.com, the manufacturers of quality replica sunglasses and wholesale hats.

by Corey A Rozon; Tuesday, November 8, 2011 @ 08:53 AM [1574]

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