How to Choose the Best Plus Size Prom Dress

how to choose the best plus size prom dressSome girls dread their prom nights because they just don't know how to select a dress that looks fabulous and makes them feel fabulous, too. A lot of dresses look very nice on the shelf or on the mannequin, but look absolutely disastrous when tried on in the dressing room. Having a curvy shape doesn't mean a girl cannot find her ideal outfit; it just means that she should know all the tips and tricks of hunting down that one outfit that is waiting for her somewhere.

These items are needed to properly choose the best plus-size prom dress:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • A properly fitted bra
  • Mirror
  • A prom dress store or boutique

Step 1

Look for plus size dresses that fit into the budget. The dresses must fit absolutely correctly. Make sure they don't look shabby if they are on sale. The best idea is to start looking for dresses before the prom season arrives before the prices go up.

Step 2

Take the correct measurements. Using a cloth tape, measure the bust area while wearing a nicely fitted bra. Make sure the measurement is around its fullest area. Also measure waist, which should be an inch above the navel. Lastly, measure hips across the widest part, and jot down all of the measurements.

Step 3

Select the plus-size prom dress that properly fits the largest area of the body. For instance, some dresses are perfect by the waist and the bust, but just a tad tight by the hips. The young lady really doesn't want to be stuck with a dress like that. Instead, choose a dress that fits the last area even if the other areas are a bit loose. The garment can be altered later according to the figure.

Step 4

Take a good look in the mirror and observe which body area carries the least amount of weight. For some people, the waistline is pretty narrow compared to legs, thighs and chest. For some, the heaviness is mostly around the middle section. Whichever figure she has, she must make the most out of the nicest part of the body. For instance, if she has narrow shoulders, she can balance it with a wrap or a dress with broadening neckline. Similarly, if the broadness is concentrated on the stomach area, she can wear a princess silhouette style or an A-line dress. Compared to that, if she has a relatively narrow waist, she can wear a sash, a belt, or a design that is lighter in color at the bodice and darker at the bottom. She can also wear a gown that has a tightly fitted bodice and loose from the bottom.

Once the right outfit has been chosen, accessories should be selected to coordinate with the dress. She should choose comfortable shoes and jewelry that complement the color and style.

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