How You Can Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

Diamonds are a costly investment, which means it's very important to take the best care of them you can. You want your diamonds to sparkle and shine, but you don't want them to be damaged. As you read on, you will find some great tips on cleaning your diamonds, and what you can do to get them sparkling again.

how you can keep your diamonds sparkling Because of the cost of diamonds, many people opt to get them professionally cleaned. There are a number of advantages to this. A professional cleaner will treat your diamond with care. However, if you would like to save money, you can clean your diamond yourself.

To clean your diamonds, you can purchase a quality jewelry cleaning solution, or make one of your own. Fill a bowl with one part gentle laundry detergent to four parts of warm water. If you have issues with your tap water, you may want to heat purified water. Let your diamonds soak in the solution for several minutes before continuing the cleaning process.

While you may want to scrub your diamond clean, it's best only to use soft brushes. An eyebrow brush or similar makeup brushes are ideal for this. Focus on cleaning the sides and underneath the stone. These are the areas where dirt and grime are most likely to collect.

Once you have finished brushing your diamond, you can dry it with a lint free cloth. As you use the cloth, spend some time polishing your stone. You can also let your diamond air dry, but you should avoid leaving it in bright sunlight. Be sure to take the time to buff your ring after it's finished drying.

To get extra shine and sparkle, try taking a cotton ball or Qtip and soaking it in methylated spirits. Gently dab it on your diamond before drying. This is a trick jewelers often use to bring out the best in a diamond. Avoid using toothpaste on your diamond. While it can yield great results, it's harsh enough that it can loosen your stone from its setting.

It's best to clean your diamond at least once a month. For maximum sparkle, you can clean it as often as once a week. You may want to give your jewels a more through deep cleaning at a jewelers or with an electric cleaner once every six months.

Even with a new diamond, you will want to keep it as clean as possible to make sure that it always looks its best, but then again, is it something where you may want to consider kicking things up a notch with a new diamond? There are a lot of great deals to be had out there. Or maybe you want to keep your existing diamond stone and have it put into a new setting, which is another way to get a diamond that looks brand new.

What makes a diamond special is its sparkle, and you don't want your jewels to lose that. Taking excellent care of your diamond will allow it to keep its brilliant shine. With a little TLC, your diamond jewelry will remain stunning for a lifetime.

Is cleaning your diamonds and jewelry just not bringing back the luster that it used to have when it was new? Cleaning can help but then again, prices for diamonds have never been better than they are right now and it may be time to start looking for that new Diamond Ring while prices are low and you can get an outstanding deal. For more insights and further information as well as pointers to the best diamond deals that can be found today, please visit our web site at

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