Making Ideal Holidays With Friends

Being busy throughout five days a week and having only two weekends to compensate the five day hectic routine is quiet less. However, one can compensate those five working days by making one memorable holiday. People normally spend their holidays just by resting on bed, either watching a good film, going for lunch outside etc. However, I am personally of the view that it simply does not balance the five-day hectic routine. In my opinion out, of the two weekends, at least one whole weekend is supposed to be spent outside the home.

Making Ideal Holidays With Friends

People should spent their holidays outside home with a sole purpose of creating joy times or moments of fun, and all family members or friends must be involved in that, so therefore whatever activity is planned for different parts of the day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening and night, it should be fun related. In my opinion, the following activities should be planned in different parts of the day in order to make memorable holiday:


In the morning, such activity should be planned that it refreshes everyone and makes them active and well prepared for the rest of the day. In my opinion, a little bit of walk and exercise should be done and after that some healthy sport such as cricket, volleyball, basketball, soccer etc. should be played, and everyone should be involved in it for longer periods of time. Then, they should go to some fine place for breakfast and get themselves involved in some fun related talk.


In the afternoon, some place should be found where all sorts of indoor fun activities can be performed such as bowling, table tennis, snooker, fuse ball, etc. Moreover, many teenagers love to go for gaming zones so such kind of opportunity should be availed but involvement in such activities should be limited to some extent since it makes individuals lazy for the rest of the day. In addition, one should remained involved in healthy indoor physical activities until the time when afternoon is almost about to end. Then, a fine place for lunch should be found and then the whole bunch of friends should enjoy their time with good food and chitchat.


In the evening, I personally believe the whole group of friends should go to some cinema house, watch a latest movie, and enjoy that time by watching film with popcorns and cold drinks. However, care should be taken; that the movie should be of a good standard and its ratings should be high. Otherwise, it would simply spoil the fun of everyone.


At night, a good place for dinner should be found, and time should be spent over there with good food (different from the afternoon food menu) and another chat session with friends. When everyone is done with food, than I think they should go for a long walk and all the activities of holiday should be recalled and especially the funny incidents.

If holidays are spent in such a way than it would simply refresh the souls of everyone and they will feel themselves well prepared for the next five working days. And most important of all, friends will make cool memories by getting involved in such holidays. In such activities, friends usually enjoy but care should be taken that any incident must not occur which results in a quarrel. Many friends enjoy making fun of each other, so it should be done but within limits.


Holidays especially at young age should be spent in such a way that, it compensates the hectic routine followed in the five working days and makes one fresh& active for the new week. So, enjoy your holidays as much as you can and never forget to take photographs and then digital photo to canvas in order to save them in cool memories.


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