What To Wear On a First Date - For Women!

The first date can be extremely nerve wrecking for women. Women are often confused on what they should wear on their first date. Dressing too casual can make a man think you are not spontaneous, interesting or exciting and dressing to explicit can give the wrong message. Here are some tips on what to wear on the first date as a woman:

Dress For The Occasion

It is easier to choose wardrobe options when you know where you're going. This will give you an idea on whether to dress up or down. Casual pieces should be worn to events that are considered 'fun' or relaxing such as the arcade game room or the movies. "Fun" themed dates can take the stress out of choosing wardrobe attire. For these type of dates, wear simple fitted jeans, a flat dressy shoe and a semi-dressy top. For more "serious dates", such as going out to dinner or to a business event, dress more formal. For business or social events, try a simple black dress. This dress should be sexy, but not too revealing. Dresses which are too short and too tight can send the wrong impression. It may also be embarrassing for your date if he is trying to impress his close friends and family.

Avoid Being Too Sexy

Of course every woman wants to look attractive to their date. Especially if it is their first time going out; however, it not a good idea to send the wrong impression. If you choose a revealing outfit, it may distract your date and stop him from really getting to know your personality. Shirts which are strapless or have a low cut should be avoided. If wearing a skirt, make sure the hemline falls right before the knee.

Wear Light Make-Up

Anything overdone will send the wrong signals to your date; this includes your make-up. Make-up should look natural and appealing. For the first date, avoid dramatic eyes by using a black pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. Put one coat of mascara on. For the eyeshadow, make sure to choose natural shades such as light pink and brown. The key to making makeup look natural is to blend it perfectly into the skin.

Wear Light Accessories

Accessories can make up for what an outfit lacks. A thin gold watch and a couple of diamond or gem-stoned rings is enough to spice up any outfit. Too many bangles or jewelry can appear gaudy and "cheap".

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