Halloween Costume Ideas For The Workplace

You may think of Halloween as just a holiday for your kids. But each year you decorate your house with plastic bats and ghosts, carve a spooky jack-o-lantern, sneak pieces of candy out of your kids' trick or treat bags... okay, let's just face it-- Halloween can be fun for adults, too. And if you have the opportunity to dress up for Halloween at work, you should take advantage of it.

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Workplace

Now if you are permitted to dress up for Halloween at work (or if you have even been asked or required to) this does not mean that you should stretch the limits of what is acceptable. There are a few ground rules for Halloween apparel at the workplace. First and most importantly, you should not wear anything overtly sexy or revealing. It is not appropriate to wear a costume that includes a fake weapon, and obviously you can't wear a mask to work. You'll also want to avoid making a political statement that could perhaps be offensive to others.

For an appropriate workplace costume, think about the level of appropriateness and formality of your everyday work wear, then place a twist on it. For example, you can turn a basic business casual outfit into a tourist costume by swapping out your khaki chinos for a pair of khaki shorts, and trading your button down shirt for a short sleeved Hawaiian print. For the finishing touches, wear a bucket hat with a smear of zinc sunscreen on your nose, hang a camera or a lei around your neck, and pull your socks up towards your knees.

A quick trip to your local Goodwill or clothing thrift store can provide everything you need for an easy Mad Hatter costume. Purchase (or maybe just dig out from the depths of your closet) a blazer in the brightest color you can find, such as purple or yellow. Pair it with a button down shirt in a clashing color. Tie styles may include a wide, bright solid colored tie, or a polka dot bowtie. Don the wackiest, tallest hat you can find, and voila. Instant Mad Hatter.

A pirate costume is also easy to assemble with basic black trousers, a black or brown vest, and black or brown boots. You can wear a basic white cotton button down, leave it untucked and tie a red scarf around your waist. Or, you can upgrade to a shirt with poofy sleeves and a ruffled neckline. Tie a bandana or scarf over your head, and pile on a few chunky gold chains. If it will not interfere with your job, you can also draw on a fake mustache, black out a tooth, and wear an eye patch.

If you wish to show your Halloween spirit, but do not want to wear a costume, there are ways you can accomplish this as well. Try wearing a black suit with a dark orange or mustard button down shirt, and an orange and black diagonally striped tie. Or, a blood red tie with a black shirt can say "modern Dracula." You can be creative in putting together pieces of your normal wardrobe in a way that is appropriate for the holiday.

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