How To Be a Devil This Halloween

In our experience one of the most popular kinds of costume, when it comes to dressing up at Halloween, is the devil outfit. Given our very long history and relationship with the devil, in all its various forms through history, this is perhaps unsurprising.

The figure of the devil, otherwise known as Beelzebub and Lucifer, has been with us since the dawn of mankind, and it's interesting to note that completely unrelated cultures have had their own symbolic form of the devil, despite their being no cross-links between them, either geographically or culturally. In the words of Jung himself, it would appear that the devil is an intrinsic part of our collective human unconscious, and an embodiment of man's potential to do evil.

In many ways, by embodying evil in this form, we somehow 'dis-empower' the force of evil in certain ways. It certainly helps people to humanise and visualise evil in a form that they can understand. The principle goes something like this- give something an understandable and relatable form and you take away its power to scare you. Of course, this doesn't mean that people don't still fear the devil!

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween there are a whole myriad of Devil fancy dress costumes to choose from. Of course there are the more 'traditional' kinds of devil costume, which come complete with red trousers, red top and of course the obligatory horns, tails and pitchfork. These are still incredibly popular. However, most of the customers that buy this traditional kind of costume tend to 'customise' them nowadays. This means applying copious amounts of bright red face paint to one's face to ensure that 'angry' devil look. These customers almost always add a pair of cosmetic red lenses as well, and this one little detail turns a scary costume into something totally horrifying. Believe me, these red lenses look amazing!

As I said, there are now alternatives to the traditional devil costume available. The most popular alternative devil costume is designed for women, and it is essentially the 'sexy devil' kind of outfit. Generally these are a deep red colour, have short revealing skirts, and also include a long devil 'tail' and of course, and pair of deep red horns to be worn on the head. Generally customers that go for this style of costume tend not to paint their faces red, or wear red lenses, as the main purpose behind the outfit is to look sexy and 'naughty'.

We have also seen many customers that go to Halloween parties as a couple decide to go as a 'pair of devils'. This is a great idea, and we have had reports from many customers that this has been very well received by their friends. Indeed, can you imagine the kind of reception you would get by making an entrance to that party dressed and Mr and Mrs Lucifer!? If you do decide to go down this route, may we recommend that you both practise your very best 'devil laugh' so you can bellow this out when you first arrive at the Halloween Party.

Whatever kind of devil costume you decide to wear at Halloween, I would definitely recommend that you customise and personalise it. This could be in a really simple form, by adding an accessory or two. Alternatively you could take this to the extreme, and actually change the design of the costume itself- add some extra colour or details, or make it a little shorter. You can really lift the appearance of your halloween costumes by applying some face paint, and there are so many different designs available from the relatively simple to the very complex. You should be able to find these online for free by doing a simple search on your preferred search engine.

I hope this article has proved useful to you, and I do hope that you have a lot of fun dressing up as a devil this Halloween. Sometimes it's fun to be a little wicked!

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by Marko Foster; Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 02:19 AM [1477]

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