Trendy Disco Clothes Of The 1970s

If you are old enough to remember the 1970s, chances are you also remember the wild disco clothes this era was known for. During the 1970s, disco scenes were extremely popular and many people wore special clothing that became known as disco wear. This type of clothing was essential for a night of music and dancing. Typically, disco party clothes were made of fabrics that were not only stretchy, but had a reflective quality that made them shine under the strobe light effects.

Trendy Disco Clothes Of The 1970sOne very popular look during this period of time was the stretchy bandeau tops made in shiny colors and embellished with sequins. These tops were often similar to what professional modern dancers would wear. Additionally, stretchy halter jumpsuits made from gold lame or leopard skin fabrics were all the rage, as were a wide range of items made from white stretchy material. The white color was popular because the ultra violet lights featured at discos made the material glow, which was very attractive.

Disco clubs promoted a certain style of dress. In fact, these disco clothes that were extremely popular and certainly expected in a club environment would never be appropriate or acceptable to be worn during the day. The clothing people wore was accentuated by the party atmosphere of strobe lights, disco balls and flashy lights. Typically, men would wear a shirt with an open neck and a medallion necklace, as well as a jacket that was shiny enough that it could reflect the lighting in the disco. However, many of these men would be far too embarrassed to admit today that they ever went out in this type of clothing; but at the time, it was certainly trendy. For women, a major staple for this disco time period was the type of footwear they choose; platform shoes in bright colors or white gogo boots were certainly among the most popular choices. A popular shoe during that time was the fish tank platform shoe which featured live goldfish swimming inside the clear heel of the shoe.

Wearing shoes and boots of this type, as well as pants that were made from silver satin gave disco clubs a space age atmosphere. In the 1977 movie, Saturday Night Fever, the film showcased how adults would enjoy going to disco clubs as a way of unwinding after a stressful week at work. Obviously, this movie reflects the attitudes and lifestyles of society during that time.

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