How Shoe Trends Have Evolved Over the Years

Just like so many other things that we use to fill our lives, trends in shoe design also change. They change on a year-to-year basis, and then also larger trends revolve around as the decades pass. So the selection in footwear you would find today whether shopping locally or online will be noticeably different than what you would've found if you are shopping, say 50 years ago. As an example, one of the most noteworthy trends that has evolved over the last 50 years are in sports shoes; tennis shoes or sports trainers as they've come to be called.

So would you believe that if you were to go back beyond 50 years you would have had trouble even finding a pair of rubber soled canvas shoes? Well it's true because they really only started being made and becoming popular back in the 50s.

Even so tennis shoes back then were really something that only children wore. A cheap comfortable shoe a parent could buy for their kids to wear outside after school during play, and that was about it. That is until those kids started growing up, and as they grew they still wanted to wear a comfortable rubber soled shoe, and so was born the trend in today's sneakers.

Then another trend in footwear that's evolved over the decades is in dress boots. Everyone's wearing them now, both men and women, and it's not out of the ordinary to see someone out in the evening with a nice pair stylish boots on. Now 50 or 60 years ago boots were primarily for work, and no one would've dreamed back then that they would someday become as trendy as they are now.

Now wellies are an extreme example of the work boot gone trendy because for years they really were seen as the most utilitarian of work boots. Something that was only worn when gardening or when doing farm or ranch work, and if you would have suggested back then that they would someday be considered "trendy" your very sanity would've been called into question.

Still another more recent trend to evolve is the use of high-tech, foot friendly, breathable materials in dress and work shoes.

Styles in women's shoes in particular, that had a well-earned reputation for being in uncomfortable and in some cases even painful to wear, are now being made with more foot friendly materials.

Overall as the years have moved on, all styles of shoes have become comparatively more affordable to buy. Even shoes and boots you might consider expensive, when factoring the inflation, require less of your pay-check to bring home than in decades past. This is a trend that's unfortunately put a lot of shoe repair shops out of business.

Then the very latest hot new trend in all styles of footwear is shopping online from low overhead retailers. Low overhead online shopping means not only that you'll see lower prices but also a greater selection as well.

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by Chriss Tyrrell; Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 08:34 PM [2022]

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