Red High Heels Guide

For some people, the color red signifies danger, something to beware of or to treat with suspicion. Others look at it as the color of love, romance and passion. Take for example, a pair of red high heels. In closed-toed stilettos, it can give the illusion of someone powerful, to be wary of and that one must take precaution with someone bold enough to wear such a strong color. It is a psychological and instinctive reaction. On the other hand, if a pair of strappy, delicate heels was worn, the impression would be someone who is not afraid to wear a color as bold as red but is warm and gentle yet could be passionate. It's all a matter of the style and how you pull it off.

We all send messages with the way we dress and carry ourselves. What message do you want to send by wearing red? Do you want to show the world that you are bold, daring, and adventurous or do you want to wear red because it's your favorite color? Perhaps you like the idea of wearing red and aren't sure how to incorporate the style of red shoes into your look. There are quite a number of ways to wear your red high heels and there are many ideas you can pick up from magazines and online.

Wear a pair of stilettos with a black outfit for an evening date or function and carry a red purse. If the heels are closed-toed, keep the clutch medium size and if you wear strappy red heels, carry a delicate purse. To get the maximum impact, wear a red lipstick but do not have striking make-up for the eyes.

For the office, wear a pair of open toed heels with a dark gray pant or skirt suit. Wear a thin red belt if you want to but not a thick one. Wear a pair of gold or silver stud earrings and you've got a power suit. If you want a subtle look, wear an open toed heel with a black, navy or tan-colored knee-length skirt or one that is a little longer. Keep the red to just the shoes and you've got the look to get noticed.

During casual outings, don a pair of jeans with a red wedged heel and a simple shirt. How about a pair of heeled sandals? You could also wear those heels with a long A-line denim skirt. Try it with tan Capri's and a fitted t-shirt and you'll look very chic.

Red heels are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. It injects a bit of color to the outfit you are pairing it with. Like most bold colors though, don't go for an all-red look or have too many red accessories as it would be 'too much of a good thing'. Red is a color you can wear the whole year round and you need not limit it to a particular season. It looks just as good worn during summer as it does during winter. Wear your red heels and enjoy yourself.

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