Reiker Shoes' Continuing Success

Rieker shoes was founded in 1874 in the Black Forest Region of Germany. Initially it manufactured shoes for the wealthy and affluent of North Italy. Five generations later of being a family owned business and the brand has now become a household name across Europe with a reputation for producing good quality footwear and has enjoyed gradual growth.

In the early 70's, Rieker moved to different, larger premises to aid expansion and the new company headquarters were founded in Thayngen, Switzerland with production moving away from Europe, presumably to Asia. According to the company website, it now employs people worldwide, operating five production units for the shoes, three units for the design of shoes and has a total of fifteen wholesale units presumably for storage and distribution worldwide. The company has distribution centres in Morocco, Vietnam, Australia and Russia to name but a few.

The website also states that the company employs fifteen thousand staff in various roles and functions throughout the company. Rieker Shoes also is able to provide footwear and accessories to 8,000 independent footwear retailers, the majority of them are retailers in Europe.

As a brand, the company states that its core belief and philosophy is to provide not only a better product for consumers but a product that is the best product that people can buy. The popularity and longevity of the brand are a testimony to this assertion that a high quality product can often create brand loyalty. Reiker shoes have a good reputation for producing durable and hard wearing shoes that can be considered almost an investment for your feet.It helps that the brand is also able to keep informed and react to changing trends and fashions in the footwear market and respond accordingly.

Competent design combined with functional features usually associated with sporting and athletic footwear are two of the signature features of Rieker shoes and a lot of the popularity and success of the brand can be attributed to these core features and design elements of the brand. Each individual shoe design uses lightweight materials for minimum overall shoe weight combined with good shock absorption properties. These are some of the central features that are integral to Rieker shoe designs that have contributed to the brand's continuing success in the present and presumably will continue to do so in the future maintaining the brand's claim as the leading shoe brand for Antistress shoes, boots and footwear.

This article was written by Keith Bates on behalf of Rieker shoes retailer Love your shoes who have an extensive range of ladies shoes

by Keith Jason Bates; Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 06:36 AM [2160]

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