Sandals For The Summer

Summers are the perfect time to start wearing fashionable sandals around. Sandals are great for keeping your feet cool as there's plenty of air circulating around your feet. From jelly sandals to slides, you can enjoy yourself and have some fun choosing funky styles and colors to wear.

Since summer usually means that dresses, shorts and skirts come out of the closet; why not pair them with some colorful sandals? Wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt with some colorful jelly sandals and enjoy the warm weather. Get a pedicure and show off those pretty little feet of yours. Summer is about the beach too and your jelly sandals which come in colors such as orange, blue, purple, pink will be the perfect partner for your beach wear. Wear them to the coolest pool party around and add some eye-popping color to your look.

If you're into cropped jeans or capri's, gladiator sandals make a great impact. They look very trendy and because of the style, they are not only cool but also very fashionable. You can also wear them with a flouncy skirt to give a slightly edgy look to your outfit. Slides are another great option and they are so easy to slip on and off. You can find them in simple styles as well as those with flowers, etc. for that extra 'oomph' whilst dashing about town. They come with a little height at the heels and are great for those who simply have to wear heels.

How about those super comfy flip-flops? Gone are the days when they came plain and made of rubber. Now you can find them in all the colors of the rainbow and they come made with materials that are so comfortable you could walk in them for hours. Have a pair or two handy so that you can slip into them on your way to doing your errands or when you do your gardening. There are no straps to remove and they are more comfortable than wearing sneakers and a lot cooler.

Sandals are available in so many styles and designs now that you will be spoiled for choice. Mules are another version of sandals that are also an option for summer footwear. They can be in fun colors and can be matched with all your summer outfits. You can find them with various heel heights and can be matched to be smart casual. A pair of jeans teamed with a bold colored t-shirt will look really fantastic and trendy with a pair of mules to match. You can even wear your mules in the evening for dinner or a barbecue. Look super chic, cool and trendy with a pair of mules that has some embellishments for night time outings.

Summer has the perfect weather to don your favorite pair of sandals and to try new styles and designs. The shoe stores stock them in all your favorite colors and have the latest designs. Experiment with some bold colors or the 'in' colors of the season. Check out the fashion runways for ideas and step out in style for your summer fun.

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by Indy M; Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 08:35 PM [1451]

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