Selling Clothes at a Garage Sale - Things to Consider To Get Top Dollar

Selling clothes at a garage sale (yard sale or rummage sale in some parts of the country) can be a quick way to earn some fast cash. There are some things to consider which can affect just how much cash you will end up with.

Selling Clothes at a Garage Sale Things to Consider to Get Top Dollar

1. Yard sale buyers are in a hurry.

  • Especially early in the day, shoppers want to get the best bargains at your sale and then move on to the next yard sale.
  • They are keenly aware that other people are arriving at the other sales already, so they need to make their buy-or-not-buy decisions at your sale quickly.

2. Buyers want clothes neatly organized by size and gender.

  • Laundry. Even the mere word sends shivers up my spine. So I don't want to have to pick through someone else's laundry just in case there's a something good to be found.
  • Either you carry my (or my children's or spouse's) sizes, or you don't. Make it clear for me.
  • If I don't have to constantly guess at sizes, I can focus my attention on things like color, cut and style.

3. Clearly displayed prices will keep shoppers interested.

  • If I have to keep asking or guessing at prices for clothing, I may just walk away.
  • I want to evaluate each item as I see it, and make my decision in context of the asking price.

4. Low prices are expected for clothes at a garage sale.

  • People who hold garage sales are usually perceived as desperate for money or anxious to make room in a closet or a moving van.
  • Shoppers know this and will walk away from prices that seem too high. They may assume that you will not be willing to negotiate.

5. Poor quality clothing reflects poorly on all of your clothing offerings.

  • Even if you have some quasi-designer labels, if the first few things that catch a shopper's eye are from Wal-Mart or worse, they will leave.
  • The same goes for ripped or stained clothing. Most shoppers do not want to be bothered repairing clothing.

6. Mirrors can help close a sale when selling clothes at a yard sale.

  • Women can get an idea of how colors will work on them, or how long skirts and dresses will be.
  • Seeing the clothing item "on" them will help them visualize actually owning it.
  • Shoppers may feel impelled to grab matching items or accessories to complete a "look".

I hope you have gained a glimpse into the nuances of selling clothes at a garage sale. Keep in mind how you will spend the cash, and relish the thought of not needing to return any of this clothing to your closet when the day is done!

Once you have experienced the thrill of actually getting paid for selling your own used clothing, you may want to look into selling other people's clothes for cash! At we show people tips and tricks to help maximize their profits.

by Anita Mayer; Tuesday, March 13, 2012 @ 07:36 AM [2158]

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