Shoe Organizers That Can Help Whip Your Closet Into Shape

shoe organizers that can help whip your closet into shapeIf you're worried about a lack of space, it may be time to organize your closet. Here are some suggestions that can help you whip your closet into shape. Go through the clothing in your closet piece by piece. If you haven't worn it within the last year, toss it out, donate it, or take it to the consignment store. It may sound ruthless, but it's necessary. Follow your eyes. Arrange your apparel according to this general rule: keep the clothes you wear most often at eye level, while moving others to spots above and below that point. Feel free to rotate these clothing categories according to the weather or season.

Change hangers

First, get rid of any wire hangers you have; they do not help your clothes one bit. Then put different clothing items on the types of hangers for which they are best suited - plastic hangers for most shirts, padded hangers for delicate tops and other items, and wooden hangers for jackets and blazers (this may require purchasing more hangers). Clear out any dry-cleaning bags you still have.

Get out the tape measure

Compute the amount of space available in your closet, from floor space to wall area to shelf sizes - even how much room you have on the back of your closet door. There are products out there that can help you utilize every square inch of space in your closet (such as belt hangers, over-the-door racks, etc.) Get boxed. Using your measurements, obtain the ideal-sized bins, boxes, and racks for your closet. Be sure to label the containers clearly, so that you can determine their contents with a glance. You'll be surprised at how much more space you'll have left in your closet.

Deal with your sweaters

There is no good reason to hang up your sweaters - they take up too much space and don't hold their shape well on hangers. Take them down, fold them up, and store them on shelves, in bins, or even under your bed. Relocate weather gear. If it's designed to be worn in a certain type of foul weather, take it out of your closet and put it somewhere else. This includes snow boots, rain galoshes, ponchos, and heavy coats. Find another closet or storage area to house these items. And last but not least... organize your shoes.

There are numerous products you can buy to help you with this final task. Here are some of the most helpful:

Multi-pair Shoe Rack/Tower

This white steel-and-polymer rack can fit perfectly up against the back or side wall of a closet. It is available in 20, 30, or 50-pair sizes. Over the door Shoe Rack. This is one of those products that will make use of the space on the back of a closet door. The steel rods fit doors up to an inch and a half in width, and the polymer sides display two or three dozen pairs of shoes within easy reach.

Over the door Shoe Organizer

This might be a better alternative for cramped or small closets. That is because the shoe compartments are made of soft, see-through vinyl so you can view your footwear without being jabbed by metal shelf parts. The organizer also features a back made of breathable material and two pairs of adhesive hook and loop strips, which affix to the door for additional steadiness.

Stacking Chrome Shoe Rack

The great thing about this sturdy four-tiered, chromed steel shoe rack is that it can fit in a two-foot space or expand up to 46 inches in length to accommodate more shoes. If you have more shoes, you can buy another and easily stack it on top. 50 Pair Rolling Shoe Rack. This rack provides you with the added capability to roll your shoes wherever you might need them. You can take advantage of ten shelves held together by chrome-plated steel atop four strong casters.

Melamine Shoe Cube

This item offers more stability than a typical rack because it is made of laminate particle board and provides rectangular cubbies for each pair of footwear. The two-feet-long-by-one-foot-deep cube comes in your choice of 15-pair or 25-pair sizes. 2 Tier Stackable Shoe Rack. This rack is ideal for a small-unused space on your closet floor or on a high shelf. The attractive wood frame supports two angled metal mesh shelves that are perfect for supporting heels (because they won't slip through shelf crevices).

Clear Shoe or Boot Boxes

These convenient plastic containers not only keep out dust, but also allow you to easily store a pair of shoes or boots and stack or arrange them on a shelf. Because they are transparent, you can easily see all of the shoes you own without rummaging around in your closet. Organizing your closet can be a challenge. But if you can acquire the appropriate shoe organizer and rearrange some of the other clothing items in your closet, you'll be all set to take on the new season in style!

Jon Baker is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance topics and products such as shoe organizers.

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