Vegetarian Shoes

The vegan lifestyle, which is followed by millions of people all over the globe, isn't just about having animal-free diets. They also avoid all animal based products and materials like snakeskin or leather. As such, you may be surprised to find that there are a slew of vegan products like vegetarian shoes on the market. These shoes are typically made from plant based materials such as cotton, canvas and hemp. But they also take full advantage of certain man-made materials such as spandex, rubber and polyurethane. Also, there are composite materials used in vegetarian shoes that mimic the look and feel or suede or cow leather. Certain footwear manufacturers often use a proprietary blend of polyurethane and cotton, which they sell as a vegetarian-friendly substitute for leather.

The casual use of animal based products such as leather has long been a cause of argument among vegetarians. Some accept the use of leather in many everyday items while others liken the use of animal skins as similar to the vindictive processes of meat production. Due to these concerns, a brand new industry has emerged to cater to their needs. A number of shoe outlets primarily cater to vegetarians, with their available vegetarian shoes varying from athletic function to casual comfort. It should be noted that a lot of vegan footwear businesses were put up by vegetarians themselves.

Vegetarian shoes aren't necessarily made by minor shoe businesses in recess markets. Many big footwear companies have shown interest in this niche and have manufactured such shoes as well. Popular selections include canvas-based basketball shoes, rubber boots and rubber sandals.

Some vegetarian shoes are made with other considerations in mind. The materials utilized in such shoes are most often recycled from plastics or rubber tires. The production process is executed in factories of good reputation by workers who get a reasonable wage. Unlike the various sweatshops set up in poor Asian countries. Many see these factories as a form of child exploitation. A lot of vegans strongly believe in a company's environmental and social obligations. Thus, information regarding the production process is often obtainable in the company's manual or via the company's homepage.

Besides the materials used, vegetarian shoes are just as fashionable and durable compared to any type of footwear on sale. These shoes are great for an active lifestyle and are Eco-friendly to boot. To vegans, using vegetarian products are not just a fad but a lifestyle choice. Many of them being sold on the market are just as modern as their non vegan friendly counterparts. This makes them just as comfortable and functional with the added benefit of being produced via cruelty free methods.

This is important mainly because there are a large percentage of vegetarians that simply focus on their dietary needs. They don't seem to apply the same principles to other areas in their life. As such, finding a vegan wrapped in a leather jacket is completely normal, and perplexing at times. But for those that want to take things to the next level, there are products that are Eco-friendly, cruelty-free and just as trendy in this day and age.

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