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Every woman out there has a black pair of shoes for good reason. They are good looking, easy to match and can go well with most items in their wardrobe. The same can be said with other versatile colors such as nude, white and other neutral colors including beige. But what about the other types of shoes out there? The markets have a whole slew of colors for us to choose from should we feel daring enough. It should be noted that almost all colors are easy to wear if their shade is dark enough. Here are a few uncommon to downright rare color choices when it comes to women's shoes.


Blue isn't really rare depending on the shade. The most popular shade of blue on the market is Navy. But there's a reason for this. Navy is a very dark blue shade which means it has much of the utility that black shoes have. The only difference between navy and black is the fact that Navy shoes have a slightly blue tinge to them. Likewise, midnight blue shoes are by far the easiest color to match. Depending on the distance and angle, it looks black most of the time. But if you're talking about true blue footwear, then they are uncommon. This is especially true if you go for the lighter shades like pale blues and electric blues.


Definitely not a sexy color. This fact applies to all sorts of footwear, clothing and accessories. Like brown, it is somewhat earthy but has very little appeal since green can be quite drab. Unlike most uncommon colors, brighter shades of green actually look better than darker shades (olive etc). Difficult to match, pale green's do alright with blue but most olive colored shoes match well with earthy colors like brown or tan.


Despite being by far the most sensuous color when matched with a beautiful pair of high heels, not many women have red shoes in their wardrobe. This is because red is such an overwhelming color to use especially if you go for bright cherry or tomato red heels. This color is one of the most emotive colors in the palette and is often though to subconsciously imply danger, love and all things in between. Its definitely not a safe color and requires a women that is sure of what she's doing. Definitely not for the timid. The darker the shade, the easier it is to match with your outfits but what's the point? If you're going to get a red pair of heels, make sure they stand out. To use them well, you need an equally bright outfit.


Purple is another color rarely used. And this is a shame because unlike red, purple is widely seen as much more elegant. They come in many shades from darker royal purple to the brightest purples on the market. They are especially great when used for formal events like prom nights and weddings. Pick up a nice pair of kitten heels in satin and you have a pretty versatile shoe on your hands for any formal event you have in mind.

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by Indy M; Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 09:04 PM [1760]

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