Shop Till You Drop For A Jersey Top

You have made your mind to shop for casual clothing that sets you apart, but you simply cannot come up with enough ideas or money. Furthermore, your best friend's birthday party is approaching fast. What would you do now? No need to worry. Do you have a jersey top in your closet? If yes, do not look any further. You can be the cynosure of the party with a thing as elementary as a jersey top. Trust me! It might be elementary at the base but the variation it generates is astounding.

Shop Till You Drop for a Jersey Top

There are plenty of fabrics out of which they make these tops - cotton, synthetic, Lycra, or nylon. You may go for frilled, cropped, frayed, plain, knitted or lace-finishes. You can go for thousands of prints and necklines to say the least. You will also be amazed at the varied range of options you have for accessorizing these tops as well.

However, keep in mind that casual wear doesn't end with a plain white Elan International jersey top. You need to add that extra edge to your outfit. How do you do that? Try layers or drapes. You can again stare at many options regarding hemlines, from absolutely high drama to plain-Jane stuff.

You can have the top in plain blue or green if you plan to pair it with an open cardigan sweater. Of course, depending again on your whims and fancies, you can go for off-shoulder tops, plunging necklines or webbed backs. You can always choose to play with the sleeves; full, half or none. However, official Elan tops look pleasant and professional with three-quarter or full sleeves. In that case, you can glam it up further with golden anklets, a pin or a clutch.

It cannot get better if the edge of the jersey top ends at the upper border of your trouser or tights. If it is the case, then you can add a mystic touch by wearing a sizzling red belt. Contrasting colors bring in a lot of magic with the right kind of jewelry and a hobo clutch. Elan tops will go well with stilettos, cargo boots and moccasins.

You may be slim or plump, but you can still expect justice from this versatile Elan clothing. The dress can be tighter or loose according to the requirements. A wrap-format top offers this option elegantly through sashes.

Jersey tops also serve as ultimate corporate wear. You can wear them to office but you need to accessorize them really well to grab that much-needed attention. You may also go for a wrap jersey top in sublime shades and prints to pass it on as official. Gold or diamond necklaces team up pretty well with a plain or printed jersey top. Bold prints do fine even on corduroy, especially when you adorn it with an undeniable attitude. A well-chosen jersey top can be used even as a complete outfit.

Atreyee Chowdhury is a fashion blogger and enjoys writing on fashion topics like jersey tops, maxi dresses and other forms of women's casual clothing. Please visit Elan International clothing to browse through a huge selection of jersey tops.

by Atreyee Chowdhury; Monday, December 5, 2011 @ 11:27 AM [1720]

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