Top 5 Fashion Buys You Should Not Miss for Autumn / Winter Fall 2013

Are you already hopping the market for new season’s fashion style and trend? With all the new collection of Autumn and Winter 2013 Fall, you might have a mixed feeling of bewilderment and excitement as to what is to purchase in the first instance or which trend will be right to follow and invest in. Hence, to make your task easier, here is the top 10 pick of fashion clothing for the new season.

Most of these fashion wears are also already in store. So, you can invest in any of these picks you prefer and update your wardrobe for the coming months. Don’t miss the chance of making all your fashion rivals envious. Be in style for the winter months!

Something of Pinkish Shade

Pink Overcoats
Pink Overcoats Steal the Fashion Trend of Autumn

‘Pink is the color for autumn’ – this is known by everyone. From bubblegum pink to paler and dusky pink shade, everything looks awesome for the autumn and winter season. The overcoat of Topshop Unique is the star purchase for the Autumn/ Winter Fall of this year. Topshop lays the route for high street fashion for the season. This pink designer overcoat is the latest craze in the market. So, be quick! You can also find Cheap Printed T-shirts in this shade which can give you a cool look for the Autumn.


Oversized dresses are very much in fashion for the current season. Wearing an oversized sweater with midi-skirts or pencil skirts can make you the envy for the crowd in your workplace. Try out the oversized dresses!

The Stunning Bag

In every season, there is a bag you might lust after and mostly this bag is from Mulberry. This year also they have come up with an eye-catching fashion accessory – the latest Primrose bag - for Autumn/ Winter Fall 2013. This bag is just perfect for a ladylike trend for this season! This bag is more structured than the ones in the same genre. Despite of the top handle, this bag boasts of the postman lock. You are sure to face certain difficulty in selecting your favorite color with so many color ranges available.

Bags are Always been the Most Favorite Accessories for the Ladies

High Shine

Highly shiny fabrics are hype for the Autumn season. A high shine skirt from H&M is a combo of 3 chief trends into one – high shine fabrics, mid length skirt and the popular pink shade. Pair up this skirt with an oversized sweat or a plain T-shirt. You will look fabulous for the Fall this year.


You cannot pack away leather for any season. Leather clothes are the key stylish clothing for the winter season. Leather dresses portray both punk and vamp trends for Autumn/ Winter 2013. An olive color leather dress from ASOS is lovely! It will work perfectly either for some evening outing or office wear.

Animal Printing

Printed Shoes and Boots
Animal Printed Shoes and Boots Look Elegant

Animal printing is an evergreen classic fashion trend. The clashing leopard and giraffe trend from Burberry gives a stunning effect for the 2013 Fall. Ankle boots with animal prints will be the right match for a pair of skinny jeans for the winter.

Having known about all these fashion trends and clothing, which of the Fall clothing are you planning to choose? If you survey the market, you might come across several other fashion trends ruling the runaway for Winter Fall. Make the best selection to look stunning for the season!

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by Alisa Martin; Wednesday, August 28, 2013 @ 12:01 AM [7018]

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