How to style a Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are more forgiving than sheath or knee length dresses as they tend to hide bulges very effectively. It is a myth that one has to look like Gisele or Kate Moss to carry off a maxi dress. If styled and accessorized  correctly, maxi dresses can take you thorugh most occasions. Here are few of my favourite ways to style maxi dresses.

Keep in mind that petite women must always wear close fitting maxi dresses as the extra fabric will drown you.

White /Black Maxi dress

This is a staple in any maxi dress collection. Change up the accessories from a funky jacket to a classy necklace and you have a dress that will take you from day to night. Similarly with a white dress. You can tweak it to suit any occasion with the right accessories ,hair and makeup. One can also play with colours with the staple maxi and you may have a new outfit everyday with clever styling.

How to Style a Maxi Dress 1

The way the model has styled her white maxi dress completely changes the look of a plain white dress. Similarly, a black maxi can be used.

Maxis only with flats? Nah: Who says maxis cant be worn with heels? Heels and maxis make a very potent combination and the resultant effect is almost glamazon like! Ensure that the heels are comfortably high so that you don't look award. Some styles look equally good with heels as well flats... fluid styles look great with heels and flats .

How to Style a Maxi Dress 2

A jewel tone/pastel maxi dress looks its best with some  added height. Proof is the model below. And heels gives a girl a sexy swagger.. whats not to like?

How to Style a Maxi Dress 3

Maxis and Denim: Denim shirts or jackets are universal pieces that look good with -well everything. A denim jacket over a maxi dress adds the right bit of freshness and structure to the outfit. Similarly, a black jacket or a blazer will work great as well.

Color blocking with a maxi dress:

A Solid bright colored Blazer

On a printed maxi adds a certain amount of sexiness to the look and screams I am hot!!! Please ensure that the color complements and does not clash with the maxi ,otherwise the look may go all wrong.Also,keep other accessories neutral to let the Blazer speak for itself.

How to Style a Maxi Dress 5

With a tough looking shirt/military jacket

Want a fusion look,or wanna toughen up a too -girly maxy? Don a miltary or a rugged/shirt jacket. If you have outdoor boots,all the better. Ensure,you dont carry any girly bags or have wispy romantic hair. Smokey work very well with this giving you the look your are going for.

How to Style a Maxi Dress 6

Maxi dresses and statement accessories

How to Style a Maxi Dress 7

Statement accessories jazz up any outfit, and maxi dresses are no exceptions. The right statement necklace or shoes or bag can take your outfit to another level altogether. Take a look at the pics below.

You can see, that the statement necklace has elevated the whole look to a new level. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour . It is only if experiment, you will find your niche! Respect your body type. skin tone and personality and you will always stand out in a crowd!

About the author – Shweta is a beauty and makeup writer from India. She is fond of reading and writing and in her free time she like to watch movies

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