Lingerie Trends For 2013

Lingerie Trends for 2013British weather can often be disappointing, especially when we are waiting for the arrival of spring so we can enjoy the bright summer sun and the blooming flowers. However, even though we are often kept waiting for the kind of weather we all crave, the same is not true of the 2013 lingerie trends.

The lingerie trends of 2013 have well and truly arrived and are most certainly not a disappointment. We will see everything from neon and monochrome colour patterns to the more classic styles, luxurious detailing and charming, mischievous designs.

1. Bright and beautiful

If the weather doesn’t happen to brighten up, you can do the job yourself. This year sees every colour of sunny lingerie you could ever want, from bright pinks and oranges to greens and blues. So even if the weather is making you feel dreary, at least you can dress to suit your spring mood underneath your clothes. Keep an eye out for the even brighter neon colours that are also sure to be popular this spring.

2. Timeless classics

Also certain to be on trend this spring and summer are classic French lingerie designs. However this year the classics have been given a twist and you will be excited to see what the designers have come up with. Keep an eye out for both teddy and baby-doll garments, for you will surely notice how they have been made more daring.

The classic French designs have been made a bit more adventurous by the incorporation of push-up and seamless styles. However, the designs still spark very much of the classics with the use of fabrics such as lace and ribbon and also with the integration of delicate detailing, such as pearls.

3. Back to black

Even though spring is all about being bright and cheerful, there are many lingerie styles out there that just wouldn’t have the same effect as they do in black. As such, we cannot ignore the fact black is still very much on trend this spring. Brightening up the different shades of black seen this spring, will be smidges of colours such as dark reds, baby pinks and even the occasional neon blue.

Sometimes you can do no better than rely on black lingerie, whether dressing for a date, a girl’s night out or even just for work. This spring, allow yourself the luxury of a new black baby-doll or bra and knickers combo, after all, black will never go out of fashion.

4. Spirited youth and charm

With all the classic styles and black underwear available this spring, you may find it a relief to know there are also more playful styles available. This spring, designers have made the most of unusual, playful cuts and styles and it is well worth indulging in such purchases in order to add some spirit into your underwear drawer.

Keep an eye out for boy shorts, styles of which are not only comfortable and youthful but are also managing to be very elegant this spring. There are also a number of flirty hip-hugging knickers available that remain playful, yet still hark of seductiveness through the use of materials such as lace.

5. Delicate and subtle

What’s surprising this spring is that lingerie designs are so wide and varied and you can go from playful, flirty and boyish to mature, intimate and innocent very quickly. In this manner, you will see a number of designs available that have very subtle effects, with simple fabrics, understated colours and form-fitting cuts. All of which are designed in such a wonderfully simple manner in order to flatter the wearer and ensure it is the wearer who is deserving of the admiring glances, not just the underwear.

Gemma Sly writes for Freya Sports Bras. When not writing about undergarments, she can often be found wondering if she accidentally shrunk hers.

by Gemma Sly; Monday, May 27, 2013 @ 03:35 PM [4612]

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