Autumn/Winter Season for Diesel Jeans

As the winter weather closes in on the UK, so begins the next season in clothing fashion and a new line in Diesel Jeans. Whatever your personal taste or style, be it casual or otherwise, it appears that Diesel is ready to meet and even surpass their already high standard and quality while staying with the latest trends. Amongst the new season three styles of jeans stand out and are proving to be a sure thing for Autumn/Winter 2011.

Autumn Winter Season for Diesel Jeans

The Krooley Jeans are a prime example of what is to come from Diesel this season, with a carrot style shape and slim fit design, they are ideal for casual and semi casual wear. A slight fade on the mid and upper front leg mean that they still hold that classic Diesel feel. Fold design on the back pockets are a further added feature to these jeans giving them a unique look.

The Larkee relaxed fit are more along the classic Diesel Jeans vibe, with a non-constrictive fit and almost washed blue denim look on the front and back leg. A worn down design on the pockets confirm the fact that these are the ultimate jeans for comfort and relaxation as well as for a casual and trendy look when out and about this season.

The final of these three pairs of Diesel Jeans is the Larkee tapered, which design wise is a massive contrast to its Larkee relaxed fit counterpart and can be worn in a more semi casual sense to start with. However these jeans most certainly have something more ground breaking about them, both in style and fit. They are part of Diesel's 'turbotech' range which really is a pioneering idea in fashion, this means that the more these jeans are worn, the more they produce the original classic Diesel faded look. Furthermore each pair also adapts to the person wearing the jeans and seems to remember every crease of your day to day movements in them. This results in a completely unique pair of jeans as individual as the wearer themselves.

A further advantage of this new 'turbotech' styling is the feeling that the denim is constantly evolving and giving the wearer a fresh look. This would seem to prolong the wardrobe appeal over more conventional jean washes.

Diesel celebrate these three stunning looks along with many other different styles, suitable for all tastes and age ranges as part of their Autumn/Winter collection for this year. So whatever you want out of your individual look this fall, Diesel seem to be ready to satisfy even the most varied of tastes.

Daniel Mazurek (Marketing Manager) - Bridge55 offering a wide range of Diesel Jeans including brands such as G-Star, Voi, Jack and Jones and many others. Bridge55 is a bricks and mortar retailer and also an online retailer. Having been trading for almost 10 years, Bridge55 have an established yet growing loyal customer base that stretches to all corners of the globe. Bridge55 are at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and aspire to become the market leaders of the future.

by Daniel Mazurek; Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 09:24 AM [10368]

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