Creating A Unique Look With Blank Clothing

You do not need to be an expert seamstress or fashion designer to create unique and fashionable clothing. All you need are some basic art supplies, a lot of blank clothing, and a creative fashion sensibility. You would be surprised how quickly you can create stunning outfits with just a bit of trial and error.

You should model your clothing after your artistic talents. If you are an excellent painter, you can use fabric paint to decorate your clothing. If you are a Photoshop wiz you can create design and transfer them onto blank t-shirts. If you like to draw you can buy a variety of fabric markers. You can also combine all these different methods to create something really special.

creating a unique look with blank clothing

If you haven't yet discovered your artistic area of expertise just buy some basic clothing creation supplies (fabric markers, paints, stencils) and get to work decorating some blank clothing. Don't worry if you make some mistakes, blank clothing is cheap so you have room to make a few mistakes before you master your craft. Don't be scared to incorporate art supplies that are not necessarily designed for use on clothing or that you have no experience with it. Experimentation is part of the fun.

The great thing about making your own clothing is its versatility as a hobby. It is fun for the family, even if you never end up wearing that you make. It is also fun for the more serious fashionista who wants to create unique outfits that will turn heads. Even people who are just not satisfied with the selection in clothing stores make their own clothes. You can incorporate political slogans, a local band, a picture of your kids, or anything else you wouldn't be able to find at a clothing store.

You can create blank clothing to match clothes you have but don't seem to match anything else you own. Everyone has those clothing items they love but just cannot seem to incorporate into an outfit. Now you can make something to go with those impossible to match items.

As your skills improve your wardrobe will expand. You will also learn new techniques which you can apply towards other arts and crafts projects. Kids are sure to improve their eye-hand coordination and creative prowess.

If you think making your own design on blank clothes would appeal to you, you should order some clothing blanks offline. Most are very affordable. Start with the cheapest items, like blank t shirts, and work your way up to more expensive and intricate items like hoodies, sweat pants, and other apparel. You will surprised how quickly you improve!

Wholesale Blank Clothes offers quality clothing blanks for individuals and small businesses to create and design their own t shirts. Buying wholesale blank t shirts not only allows for fun and creativity, but it is more affordable than buying designer clothing.

by Mark Etinger; Tuesday, November 8, 2011 @ 12:44 PM [1664]

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