Fashion Around the World

Fashion Around the World

Clothing from around the world is a great topic for both fashion followers and history enthusiasts. Fashion across the globe will differ rapidly as you travel. You will find that different parts of the world vary in the way in which they choose to dress themselves. Many wear clothing that corresponds to their religion or following. Others have to dress a certain way to adhere to the weather conditions that they have to live with. Just as people around the world contrast, so does their fashion choice. Many countries even have a traditional dress or look that has been passed down through the ages. Just like Scotland has their kilts, Japan has their kimonos.

Of course we have our fashion weeks from around the world. Paris, Milan, London and New York all show case designer labels and clothing collections on their cat walks, originating from their own countries. This allows us to see the latest fashion trends from around the world. Go to any other country and you will see fashions and looks that are different to what would be found in your own nation. What you consider stylish, other places may not. This could probably stem from the traditional dress I mentioned earlier.

Take Great Britain for example. Flat caps and bowler hats are considered traditional dress for the residents of this nation. Look in recent mens designer clothes collections and you will find these kinds of headwear apparent with a modern twist. Through the decades of history, styles have trickled down and continued to influence current looks and clothing trends. Another example is the Sari. Indian countries still wear this classic attire which has been passed down over centuries. Today it has a more fashionable function rather than regal purposes, as it was once worn for.

It seems that any kind of clothing or fashion items from around the world can be traced back to some point in history. Look at the latest mens designer clothing collections and you will probably spot something that relates to some part of the globe. Many designers and brands will look at past designs and historic clothing and use this as inspiration for their latest ranges. Next time you are browsing through some trendy mens designer clothes, try and spot the traditional looks and designs they have taken inspiration from. You are sure to find something that is reminiscent of past years.

Author Claire Andrews recommends choosing mens designer clothes to update your look this season.

by Claire L Andrews; Saturday, March 24, 2012 @ 06:11 AM [1664]

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