It's Your Room and Its Your Favorite Celebrity

Do you like celebrities? Alternatively, are you a star lover? Be it an artist, a rock star or a sports man. In teenage days, one usually loves to become a fan of a famous celebrity and meet him/her time after time. At the same time, one also has the desire to have posters of various celebrities in his/her room. However, what kind of postures one should have and in what order they should be put on the wall are of extreme importance. This article explains that what kind of posters should be bought in accordance with the specific category of the star.

It's Your Room and Its Your Favorite Celebrity

The first thing which should always be kept in mind is this that do not put a lot of postures on the walls of your room so that one simply gets the impression that the room does not belong to you but to the star. Alternatively, being a die-hard fan simply does not mean that if someone enters in your room, he/she gets the impression that you don’t have any other work to do instead of just dreaming about your favorite celebrity. Secondly, in accordance with the specific category of the celebrity what kind of posters should be bought & how they should be arranged are as follows:

(1) Sportsman:

If your favorite celebrity is a sportsman than buy three kinds of posters;

a) When that sportsman was a youngster, probably when he was playing his debut match.
b) When the sportsman had made a great achievement, probably a world record.
c) Any casual pic of the sportsman i.e. in which he is not playing sport.

(2) Singer:

If your favorite celebrity is a singer than buy following kinds of postures;

a) Firstly, of course poster of a live concert in which the singer is performing.
b) Secondly, in which the singer is doing some modeling.
c) In addition, yes any of the artist’s casual pictures of daily life.

(3) Actor:

If you’re favorite celebrity is an actor than buy following kinds of postures;

a) A poster of the actor’s famous acting scene.
b) A poster in which the actor is receiving some special award.
c) A casual picture of his daily life.

After these posters are bought, the next important thing is that how they should be arranged. I personally believe that you should neither put all of them on a single area of wall nor they should be carrying a lot of distance between them so that if someone enters the room, the first feeling should not be of that kind that “everywhere I’m seeing a poster of the star”. And if you have bought many posters or suppose if you want to put different posters of various stars including sportsmen, singers, actors etc. keeping in view the above mentioned conditions than surely, you’ll become confused that either not to put any poster or put all of them. Than best tip in such state of confusion is this that put large canvas prints on your wall containing various photographs of multiple stars and it will simply fulfill your desired purpose.


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