Shapewear Innovations From Naomi and Nicole

shapewear innovations from naomi and nicoleA recent development in fabric technology has seen the advent of many revolutionary body shaping garments. Thankfully women no longer need to squeeze themselves into an uncomfortable boned corset to achieve that much desired hourglass figure and the unsightly all in one girdle is finally a thing of the past. New fabrics feature four-way stretch technology and seamless seams to achieve a flattering yet incredibly comfortable fit. Modern shapewear such as high-waisted thigh slimmer's and the body shaper are designed to elegantly shape the waist, hips and tummy for a flattering figure whilst not inhibiting comfort.

These days shapewear is not designed solely for larger ladies as any woman who wants to achieve a slimmer or more curvaceous silhouette can benefit from a variety of modern undergarments. Current favourites on the high street and many online clothing suppliers come from the Naomi and Nicole collection from Cupid Intimates. This range of body shaping underwear has been on the market since 2002 and over the last nine years the brand has gone from strength to strength. Their range includes garments designed to shape and tone ones upper body, nip their waist or introduce a little order to their derrière. It doesn't end there though, as the current range of control underwear from Naomi and Nicole also includes thigh slimming garments and full body shapers.

pink corsetLight, medium and firm control garments are available, depending on the level of artificial shaping your either desire or require and thanks to the revolutionary and patented Wonderful Edge fabric technology around the legs means the garment stays perfectly in place and eliminates VPL. Along with their patented Wonderful Edge come the equally innovative Wonderful Panel and Wonderful Seam technologies which provide stitch and seam free smoothness, no matter how close fitting your outer garments are.

There is however a few simple rules one should adhere to when choosing their control garments and the advice from Naomi and Nicole is as follows: The last thing you want is an enhanced muffin top above your waistline. If this is likely to be a problem then go for the high waisted options instead of 'normal' control briefs. Look for longer legged control briefs which resemble cycling shorts rather than shorter 'boy-short' styles as where the garment ends so does the control. And most important of all... buying a size smaller than your normal size will not make you a size smaller; it will simply make your shapewear more uncomfortable to wear as you push it to its limits.

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