Training Bra, Wonder Bra: Women Intimates

Purchasing a bra is equal a ritual. For teenagers, it's a coming-of-age feel. Only the task is commonly consuming, not to mention uneconomical, if you've no hint about the form you must buy for yourself at a particular juncture in your life. Should you buy a strapless bra? What size should you choose? Would a padded one be better than something thin? These questions are all valid and they affect how you live. Bras, after all, are a basic necessity in your daily outfit, and they come in different styles for different purposes. To help you navigate through a lifetime of deliberation, here are some ideas of what bra types you should buy to give you the versatility and comfort that you need.

Training Bras

Training Bra - Wonder Bra: Women IntimatesThis is the first type you should buy when you start developing breasts. It's usually just made out of fabric with no cups or wires. The purpose of this is to make yourself get used to the idea of wearing bras. Once you start filling up, you can move on to light support and full support ones.

Light Support Bras

They are a bit more contoured than training bras, to accommodate the shape of the breast. But, they have no underwire. This makes them less constricting and more comfortable to wear. These are usually recommended for girls with smaller breasts, and they have a bad reputation of being unflattering. They come in padded and unpadded versions. But, the choice is usually left to preference.

Full Support Bras

These are the ones you get when you go deeper into womanhood. They typically have underwiring or a plastic boning that helps hold breasts up, plus, they are made shapely to give the women's chest a more flattering look. They come in a variety of cup sizes, classified as A, B, C, and D, with each having specific measurements under them. Like light support bras, they also come as padded or unpadded, even strapless, to fit varying inclinations.

Push up bras

Also known as a wonder bra, these are created to feature cleavage. They add shape to the breast through extra padding, and lift it using wires, so it looks more full and perky. In place of foams, some even have water sacks or silicone inserts to make the roundness look more natural. Not only will they provide support, they will also make you feel sexy.

Sports bras

These are what you use when you engage in physical activity, especially athletic activities. They keep the breasts from moving so you don't feel any pain or uneasiness. Breasts are sensitive, delicate female organs and they need to be protected from high impact exercise. It doesn't matter whether you have small or large breasts; if you are running track or playing tennis, you have to own and wear a sports bra.

You have to think about what your daily routines are, and what type of clothes you usually wear when you shop for bras. That way, you will know what you need and what you can actually use. You can't possibly bypass getting a strapless bra and have a tube dress or an off shoulder top in your closet. As a woman, I would encourage you to invest in a stylish wonder bra or two, as well as some lingerie for those special and intimate moments.

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